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Colorado Railroad Museum

17155 West 44th Avenue

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A replica of an 1880s-style depot, the museum building houses thousands of rare old photographs, artifacts and documents illustrating the colorful histories of the railroads which have served the state for over 125 years. An outstanding book and gift shop features hundreds of railroad books and videos, as well as magazines, posters, jewelry and other memorabilia.

The museum is located just east of Golden, Colorado, at a point where Clear Creek flows between North and South Table Mountains. Display tracks, complete with rare three-way stub switches and century-old switch stands, hold many historic narrow and standard gauge locomotives and cars. The museum building, based in exterior design on standard station construction of the 1880s, houses the largest known collection of historic records, mementos, artifacts, and pictures of Colorado railroads.


Julia Ziobro

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
So many amazing train cars, locomotives, and historically correct consists. They also have a nice HO set downstairs, interesting but not overwhelming displays of uniforms and signs, and friendly staff. The price is fair and they are preserving an interesting slice of rail history. Please take the rattlesnake warning signs seriously and be gentle with the trains you climb into and onto. It's a treat to get so close to the mighty Iron and it's important to respect its condition.

Jim Aksel

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Loved it! Complete with an HO layout downstairs. They were grilling up hot dogs. Plenty of place to wonder and look at the exhibitions. They built an authentic 1920s style roundhouse about 18 years ago and it looks nice. Also, all the out buildings are modeled after rail stations, etc. Make you feel like you are in the 1940s at a depot. There is also a garden railroad. Make a donation to help the fund more refurbishing on the exhibits. Oh, some exhibits are sufficiently restored that you can hold private events like a wedding party, company meeting, etc. Most impressive

Joanna O

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
This museum may be interesting if you love trains, but it is in serious need of a renovation and a cleaning. There are trains kids supposedly can ride that take quarters, but rarely work and just eat quarters. It's hard to see some things if you aren't adult-level height. The place is dusty. The Thomas the Tank Engine thing is cool, at least. But someone please give this place a serious overhaul.

Jason Traxler

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
My boys love coming here. There is so much to see and so much to learn about. They have a small train to ride on and it was all my boys could talk about. I can't wait to come for the Polar Express during the winter

Kenny Halla

Saturday, July 28, 2018
My son loves this place. Train ride, train history and equipment. Some of the staff are volunteers, and super helpful and friendly. Usually the guys working at the turntable are grumpy mechanics, but will answer some questions some times. They have a small track around the museum and the train goes around three times per ride. The ride does cost money, but it all goes to a good cause.

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