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Connecticut Trolley Museum


The Connecticut Electric Railway Association, Inc. is the owner and operator of The Connecticut Trolley Museum. Founded in October 1940, it is the nation's oldest incorporated organization dedicated to the preservation of the trolley era.

As a non-profit institution, its educational and historical aim is the establishment of a full scale operating street and interurban railroad system with the appropriate accessory equipment and buildings, to recreate an important phase of New England's business and social life from 1890 to 1945.

A three mile round trip streetcar ride with an educational narrative is provided to the museum's visitors during their visit. Dedicated volunteers provide labor for operations, maintenance, and management. The Association owns over 70 pieces of rolling stock dating back to 1869, of which approximately half are housed within five storage barns. The collection consists of passenger and freight street cars, interurban cars, elevated railway cars, service cars, locomotives, passenger and freight railroad cars, and a variety of other rail equipment.

All major buildings and the Museum's center of operations are located on a 17-acre facility adjacent to State Route 140 in East Windsor. The right of way is a 3.2-mile portion of the original Rockville branch of the Hartford and Springfield Street Railway Company. Void of all track, the property was purchased when the organization was formed in 1940. Over the years the volunteers have been able to build not only 1.5 miles of track and the associated overhead wire for power distribution, but all of the yard and storage track, the power substation, the storage barns, and a restoration shop.

Our mission is to provide a historically accurate educational experience of the trolley era, through the interpretation, preservation, restoration and operation of an electric railway.


Stephen F.

Monday, April 16, 2018
Fun place to visit. For adults or children. Love the history and has many great artifacts! Have fun

daniel Britschock

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Beautiful pice of history here. I have been a member here for years it is worth the time and money. The winter festival is super cool. Highly recommend coming here it is fun for the whole family or just by yourself.

Charlene Bready

Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017
Unfortunately the winter fest tunnel of lights was a disappointment. We drove an hour and immediately started waiting in a long outdoor line for tickets. It was 24 degrees and we only got indoors for 5 minutes before waiting in another outdoor line for the train. We ending up freezing after standing still in the cold for almost 2 hours! We still never made it on the train because we would have had to wait an additional half hour. But it felt like frost bite was kicking in! There was no warning on the website to dress warm. We did get a refund, but our son left crying of disappointment!

Karen Pallotti

Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017
We had a horrible experience with a toddler in tow. Very disorganized, expensive. In 45 min we saw only one open & one closed trolley car. The line barely moved in that time. No one bothered to let us know if there was a problem with the cars. We made the decision to leave with a crying toddler but it was clear we would have been there for hours. Not worth it at all, complete waste of time & money. Extremely disappointing!

Carlos Branco

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017
Great place to bring young children and babies. Their Fall Pumpkin picking is very sweet for kids, and will leave you with great memories. It's fun to relive the gone-by days of these trolleys. I saw lots of grandparents bring their young ones, and some coming to relive memories without kids. It's an incredible place, considering it's all run by volunteers.

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