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Newport Dinner Train

19 America's Cup Avenue

Welcome Aboard...Enjoy the experience of Rhode Island's only moving Dinner Train on a 22 mile, 2.5 hour sentimental journey along scenic Narragansett Bay.


Steve P

Sunday, May 20, 2018
Murder on the Bellevue Express was fantastic. Disregard the (old) negative reviews. The new management has made lots of improvements in food, route of the train, and entertainment. Given the cost of seeing a play, getting a train ride, and eating a pretty good meal (Bottle of wine less than $30) this is a real deal. The new route leaves from Portsmouth and follows the northern coastline of the Narragansett Bay, with views of Prudence Island, Hog Island, and Mt Hope Bay (even for a rainy day, the views were nice:see pics). I'm not not sure why people complained of the food. Ours was great, although we paid extra for the filet mignon and like ours well done. The fried scallops appetizer, and cheesecake desert were delicious. The entertainment is also under new management from the the Marley Bridges Theatre Company of Newport. They made this trip a three hour interactive fantasy with twists and turns that kept you guessing. And I can't say enough about the staff. Carrying food and drinks on a moving train, they were attentive and polite. (After getting home we thought the night was tarnished when my wife discovered she lost her keys. But a staff member actually called us to say they found them, and volunteered to bring them to our house. ) All in all, a very enjoyable experience.

Daniel Holuba

Friday, Nov. 10, 2017
It's with sadness that I give this review but my wife and I were expecting to have an amazing meal but turned out to be not so amazing. The train was on time and the staff was really nice. The drinks were good but the main course was awful. The chicken dinner I ordered was raw; it was pink and I sent it back to the kitchen. My wife's meal was a steak which was okay but the vegetables didn't look fresh at all. The couple who shared the table with us had a cold meal. They should have done an amazing job for the price you pay! The actors were great but the plot was very weak. I wouldn't do it again!

Sue Saidel

Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016
Awful experience! We waited for an hr and a half the train to arrive because of engine issues . Then they said it was because they were stopped by the Navy Base . When we finally got on the train instead riding on the train and they told us that they do not want to get stuck by the Navy so we only took a five minute ride and then stopped. We were supposed to be sitting at a table for 4 with our friends we drove up with Ct . and instead they sat us at two separate tables on opposite ends of the train . We complained and they put us at back if train at two separate tables was no heat on the train we were freezing. They made no attempt to accommodate us in anyway for our inconvenience. The actors and staff were friendly . On the plus side the food was good but main course did not come until 9:30. Freezing Train ! So instead of a train ride from 6-8:30 we were inconvenienced until 10:45. We had other plans that we could not make . Freezing ! Horrible experience!

Kathy Kenneally

Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016
Horrible experience last night on the Dickins dinner ride. Was told to get there at 5:30, train showed up at 7:00. They had to get a new engine as problems with first one. And claimed the Navy wouldn't let them go thru the Navy yard which they have been doing for years. No one really bought that! Finally got on train and it was freezing and stayed freezing!! We were just miserable. Plus they messed up our seating. Four of us who were suppose to sit together. We had two separate tables. One at front of train and one in the back. After we complained they put us in two separate tables but back to back And we were only able to get those because a couple didn't show up. I had purchased tickets very early so this should not have happened. Then to top it off our train ride lasted about half mile then we just sat there. Again the Navy excuse. On the plus side staff nice and food good. But didn't get main meal until nine thirty. We could certainly understand having engine problems but not for everything else. We were just miserable for entire time!! Didn't get off until almost 10:45. Ruined the plans we had for after train ride which we assume would be over by eight or eight thirty since it was suppose to be a two hour ride. Thought the four of us would never warm up!!

Bill Parker

Sunday, June 12, 2016
Had the best time. Having never been on the train we didn't know what to expect, but it was an amazing time. Everyone from the owner to the servers made our night memorable and enjoyable. If you've ever thought about doing this, do yourself a favor and do it. Will definitely be back.

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