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North Carolina Transportation Museum

North Carolina Transportation Museum
1 Samuel Spencer Drive

The Mission of the North Carolina Transportation Museum and Foundation at Historic Spencer Shops is to preserve and interpret the history of transportation in North Carolina and to present this history in a manner that allows visitors to enjoy their experience as well as learn from it.

Objectives related to the mission are:

-To preserve the buildings and other historic features of Spencer Shops

-To interpret the history of the Southern Railway repair facility, the community and the people who were associated with it.

-To operate an on-going program of transportation artifact restoration and conservation.

-The N.C. Transportation Museum Foundation, a non-profit organization, provides development and support for the museum. The Foundation was formed in 1977 as the N.C. Transportation History Corporation, comprised of local business leaders, former railroad employees and local politicians. The Foundation assists with fund-raising for preservation projects and educational programs. NCTMF efforts that create revenue streams for the museum include the train and turntable rides, special events such as Day Out With ThomasTM and Santa Train, the museum membership program, grant writing, and soliciting donations.

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