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Roaring Camp Railroads

Roaring Camp Railroads
5401 Graham Hill Road


Mountain man, Isaac Graham, settled here in the 1830s. Soon after, Mexican authorities named Graham's wild settlement "Roaring Camp."

In 1842, Graham established the first saw mill west of the Mississippi. Fortunately, the Big Trees here were spared the woodman's axe, and 25 years later became the first virgin stand of coastal redwoods to be protected from logging.

The area's first railroad, the Santa Cruz & Felton, began carrying tourists to the Big Trees and the beach in 1875. In 2003, the Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Gauge RR celebrated its Ruby Anniversary (40 years) and the Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific RY has been operating along the 1875 Santa Cruz & Felton route since 1985.

The dream of preserving a piece of the 1880s and early California was the dream of Roaring Camps Founder F. Norman Clark. Tragically in December 1985, Norman Clark passed away of pneumonia resulting from his selfless work to open the Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific Railway. His wife, Georgiana, the longtime Vice President of Operations was elected chief executive officer by the respective board and continues as President of the company.

Today, Melani Clark, daughter of Roaring Camp Founder, F. Norman Clark and Georgiana serves the company as its CEO continuing to preserve a piece of the 1880's and early California that was the dream of Founder, F. Norman Clark. Georgiana continues to serve the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors and President. 

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