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The Shore Line Trolley Museum

The Shore Line Trolley Museum
17 River Street

About Us:

The Shore Line Trolley Museum has been an important part of the community since its incorporation in 1945 as the Branford Electric Railway Association. It was founded to preserve the unique heritage of an endangered species - the trolley car - and today boasts a collection of nearly 100 vintage vehicles as well as artifacts and documents from the trolley era.

The Museum preserves the era of the trolley and at the same time has developed a unique history of development and growth itself since 1945. For example: the Museum yard area originally had no trolley storage barns, and when they were built, almost every one one had the tracks laid and cars parked in it first, then the building was constructed overhead!

The Museum continues to operate predominantly through the dedication and support of its over 1,000 member/volunteers. A visit to the Museum is a multi-sensory voyage into the past, from the moanful growl of the motors, to the smell of the electric arc, to the feel of rattan seats and varnished hardwood detailing. The Shore Line Trolley Museum operates the Branford Electric Railway, which together with the collection of cars is a nationally-recognized Historic District. The railway is the oldest continuously operating suburban trolley line in the United States.

The museum is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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